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La Champita

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About Us

Here at La Champita Bakery, our mission is to bake and produce the most authentic Salvadoran, Mexican, and Central American pastries and baked goods. Our recipes have been passed down through generation to generation, starting from San Miguel, El Salvador to now in the United States. La Champita Bakery is a family owned bakery and business. The Varela family has always had their hands in the bakery. Every family member has learned the ropes in the bakery! We here at La Champita Bakery believe that we bring a little taste of home every time you bite into one of our pastries or cakes. We bake with the finest ingredients from all over the world while staying true to our roots. We have mastered the art of baking just like they do in El Salvador, Mexico, Honduras, and other Central American countries. Our flagship, Herndon’s Bodega & Bakery, has been around since 2003. Throughout the past fifteen years, we have made it our mission to be more authentic every step of the way. Come and visit us! Taste a little bit of El Salvador and Mexico with each bite!

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